Visa Service

Introduction of Biometric Procedure for Visas :-

'Biometric Procedure' has been introduced for grant of visa to all foreigners except for Diplomatic/Official passport holders travelling on official purposes. All those who are applying for visas whether Ukrainian or foreign passport holders would be required to come personally for the Biometrics procedure at the Embassy. (14.10.2015)

All online VISA applicants are advised to exercise caution and remain vigilant against fake websites for online VISA applications.

For Parents travelling with children, it will not be possible to apply under the eTV scheme if children do not have separate passports. Children included in the passport of mother/father are required to apply for Tourist visa at the Embassy of India in Kyiv.

Beginning from 02 December 2013 (Monday), a surcharge of $ 2 (Two US Dollars only/-) will be payable by all Visa applicants in addition to the Visa fee already prescribed for different types of Visa. All visa applicants are requested to bring exact change.

Welcome to the Visa Service of the Embassy of India, Kyiv. Embassy of India opens from 0900 hrs to 1130 hrs on Monday to Friday. Passports, after completion of the service requested, can be collected from 15:00 and 15:30 hours on the date indicated on the Fee receipt. Fees for visa service are accepted at the Embassy in cash in US dollars. As far as possible, exact amount may be tendered at the payment counter. For any clarification or further information, please call or e-mail as per information in Contact us.

Overstay i.e. stay beyond the period of validity of visa is a serious violation of visa rules and may result in denial of visa in future.

Online Visa System

The Embassy of India, Kyiv has started online submission of visa applications with effect from 01 May 2013. The online application can be filled at the following link:
Download visa application instructions in .pdfformat

Under the new system, applicants will enter the information in the online form available at the above-mentioned website, upload the digital photo according to the instructions given on the website, take a printout of the filled form generated in pdf format, affix a passport size good quality photograph, sign the form and bring it to the Embassy of India along with all other relevant documents.

Please note that application forms without duly uploaded digital photograph of the applicant will not be accepted at the Embassy counter. Embassy of India, Kyiv has stopped accepting the old visa forms.

Separate visa form is required to be filled for each child travelling with the parent and whose name is included in the parent’s passport. The new machine readable visa sticker is issued without signature and stamp from the Embassy.
Download general photo guidelines in .pdf format
Download photo instructions in .pdf format

Visa Fee and Additional Charges

Visa fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice. The Embassy of India, Kyiv reserves the right on granting and deciding type/duration of visa irrespective of the fees tendered at the time of making application. Granting of visa does not confer the right of entry to India and is subject to the discretion of the Immigration Authorities.

The schedule of Fee for Visa/eTV w.e.f. 01 April 2015 is as follows:-

* In addition to the Visa Fee, $ 2 USD needs to be paid by the applicant as service surcharge


Visa Type


Fee* USD $

1. E-Visa /eTourist Visa (eTV) scheme
Please refer website for more details
Less than 30 days $ 60 +   Bank charges
2. Tourist Visa
(Single/ double/ multiple entry)
Less than 6 months 85+2
3. Transit Visa
(Single entry/ double entry)
Less than 15 days 85+2
4. All other types of Visas i.e. Conference visa, Employment visa, Journalist visa, Entry visa, Medical visa , Medical attendance visa, Project visa, Research visa.   Less than 6 months 85+2
5. Student Visa  Less than 5 years 85+2
6. All other types of Visas i.e. conference visa, employment visa, journalist visa, entry visa,  Medical visa , Medical attendance visa, Project visa, Research visa. Less than 1 year 130+2
7. Business Visa (single/ double/ multiple entry) Up to 5 years 200+2
8. All other types of Visas i.e. conference visa, employment visa, journalist visa, entry visa ,
Medical visa , Medical attendance visa,
Project visa, Research visa.
1 to 5 years 200+2
9. Emergency Visa Fee - 85

* Please Note:-

The duration and type of Visa granted is the discretion of the Indian Embassy. Visa Fees is non-refundable, even if Visa is not granted.

The actual period of stay permitted in India is endorsed on the Visa and should be checked & complied with.

1. Special permission is required for visiting restricted areas like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim,Parts of Himachal Pradesh, Parts of Jammu & Kashmir and Parts of Rajasthan.

2. Nationals of Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia, South Africa and Uruguay are not charged any visa fee .

3. Fee once paid is not refundable.

4. Once the visa is issued no alterations/changes are possible.

5. Full visa fee is payable for each child whose name is included in parent's passport and is travelling with the parent.

General Visa Requirements

Original passport valid for at least six months

Correct visa fee – Fees for visa service are accepted at the Embassy in cash in US dollars. Kindly note that tampered currency notes will not be accepted

One Recent passport-size photograph (five photographs in case of Pakistani nationals)

Supporting documents, where necessary

All Ukrainian nationals applying for Visa are requested to submit a copy of International Passport, as well as National Passport (first page and registration page) along with the Application Form. Other foreigners, residing in Ukraine, are requested to submit a copy of their International passport along with residential permit/registration issued by Ukrainian government.

Bank Statement for the last 2 months in the name of the applicant or traveller's cheque showing sufficient funds to cover expenses for visit to India.?

Copy of return flight tickets/flight bookings.

Details of arrangement for stay in India (hotel bookings including local host)

Acceptance of Visa application and Visa Fees at the Embassy does not guarantee issue of visa. Visa Fee will not be refunded in case visa is denied.

Requirements for Digital photograph for online application form

Online India Visa Application allows the Applicant to upload a digital photograph of self to complete the online visa application. The digital photograph to be uploaded along with the Visa application should meet the following requirements:

Format - JPEG
Size Minimum 10 KB
Maximum 300 KB

The height and width of the Photo must be equal. The minimum dimensions are 350 pixels (width) x 350 pixels (height).
The maximum dimensions are 1000 pixels (width) x 1000 pixels (height).

Photo should present Full face, front view, eyes open
Center head within frame and present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin
Background should be plain light colored or white background
No shadows on the face or on the background
Without borders
Photo should be a digital version of the physical photograph

Requirements for physical photograph to be glued onto the printed application form

Photo measures 2 by 2 inches (50 x 50 mm).
Make sure that photo presents full head from top of hair to bottom of chin. Head should measure 1 inch to 1-3/8 inches (25mm to 35mm). Make sure eye height is between 1-1/8 inches to 1-5/8.

Visa Application

Visas can be applied for in person at the Embassy of India, Kyiv.
It would normally take two working days to issue visa. In the following cases processing of applications will take longer:
Foreign nationals residing / visiting Ukraine.
Where clearance from India is mandatory.
Visitors to restricted areas.
Certain cases where documents may need to be verified.
Please note that each application is examined individually and the time taken for issuing visas will vary from case to case.

Visitors to restricted/protected areas in India areas like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Parts of Himachal Pradesh, Parts of Jammu & Kashmir and Parts of Rajasthan need special permits and for this purpose an additional form has to be completed. Please contact the Consular Section of this Embassy, if you wish to ascertain whether any of the places you intend to visit fall in the category of restricted/protected areas.

Specific visas are granted for a variety of purposes. The principal types of visas issued are Tourist Visa, Business visa, Student visa,Employment visa and Entry visa. Please contact the Consular Section of Embassy of India, Kyiv for further details if you are visiting India for purposes other than tourism, such as journalism, conferences, yoga, voluntary work, mountaineering or other expeditions. The visa application form is, however, the same though in some cases additional forms may be required to be filled.

Tourist Visa (TV)

Tourists wishing to visit India are normally granted short-term tourist visas, effective from the date of issue. Tourist visas are non-extendible and non-convertible. Travel agents who have to visit India frequently may be granted tourist visas for a longer duration.

Facility of collective landing permit for group tourists to India.

Foreign tourists in groups of four or more, arriving by air or sea, sponsored by Indian Travel Agencies approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and with a pre-drawn itinerary may be granted collective landing permit for a period not exceeding 60 days, with multiple-entry facility to enable them to visit a neighboring country. In order to avail of this facility, the tourist or travel agency concerned shall mandatorily fill in the application online on website. A complete list of group members along with printed visa applications and their itinerary should be submitted by the tourist or travel agency to the FRRO/FRO concerned, 72 hours in advance. The tourist or travel agency shall also give an undertaking to conduct the group as per the itinerary and extend a further assurance that no individual would be allowed to drop out from the group at any place.

Business Visa (BV)

Business Visas are normally granted for up to one year. However, multiple-entry Business Visas for up to two years validity may be granted to technicians/experts going to India in pursuance of bilateral agreements or joint venture projects having government approval. A letter from Ukrainian company explaining the details of the company, nature of business with the Indian company and duration of business visa and a letter of invitation from an Indian company (fax/email accepted) should be submitted. The letter of invitation from the Indian company should also be faxed/emailed by it directly to the Indian Embassy in advance.

In most cases involving non-public Sector Units (non-PSUs), it would be necessary to provide a copy of the certificate of registration of the company under Companies Act or proof of its registration in the State Industries Department or the concerned Export Promotion Council.

The letter from the Ukrainian Company and the letter of invitation from the Indian company should be submitted in duplicate.

Student visa (STV)

Student visas can be obtained on furnishing proof of admission to recognized universities/institutions in India. Letter of admission from the recognized educational institution with duration of the course required in all cases. A letter of financial guarantee from the parents with their passport/I. Card and details of their profession should be submitted by the applicant. The Embassy may wish to obtain any other document to satisfy about the financial soundness of the applicant.

Transit Visa (TRV)

Transit visas are valid for 15 days from the date of issue of the visa and must be obtained before departure. Transit Visas cannot be obtained from immigration counters at ports of entry in India. Evidence of onward travel to a destination outside India is required. Visa for the destination country should be obtained prior to applying for transit visa. Confirmed ticket for destination country should also be produced for Transit visa. Transit visa is valid for halts of up to 72 hours within 15 days from date of issue. This visa is issued only for changing of flights en route to another country. Evidence of onward travel outside India is required.

Seamen are granted Transit visa to join their vessels in India on their Seaman Book and they should carry a valid International passport with them.

Employment Visa (EV)

Employment visa is granted on production of an Employment contract from the Employer in India which should indicate all the terms and conditions of employment in India, including duration of the contract, Salary, Accommodation, Medical, Income tax liability etc. The salary should be at least US$ 25,000/- or more per annum for EV.

In most cases involving non-public Sector Units (non-PSUs), it would be necessary to provide a copy of the certificate of registration of the company under Companies Act or proof of its registration in the State Industries Department or the concerned Export Promotion Council.

Fee will depend on the duration of the visa. The copy of the above documents should be sent to the Mission in advance.

Foreigners granted Employment Visa are required to register themselves with the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO)/Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India within 14 days of their first arrival only.

Journalist Visa (JV)

Journalists of Accredited Press organization and Newspapers can apply for Journalist visa. Their application should be accompanied by letters from their employers giving details of the assignment the Journalist has been entrusted. Normally, they would have to wait for clearances from the concerned authorities in India. Therefore, application for Journalist Visa accompanied by all necessary documents should be submitted to the Mission at least six weeks before the scheduled departure.

Journalists proceeding on tour to cover events or make documentary films etc., will have to fill up additional forms giving details of the documentary film, script, an undertaking and list of equipment that the delegation will carry.

Entry visa (XV)

Long Term/Entry Visas are issued to persons of Indian origin, their spouse and children for duration of up to five years. 'X' Visas are also permissible for family members of foreigners who have been issued Employment or Business Visas. These will, however, be granted depending on the purpose of visit and eligibility on a case-to-case basis.

Conference visa (CV)

A letter of invitation from the conference organizer, all necessary clearances from Government of India along with a sponsorship letter from Employer should be submitted.
Please note that persons holding long-term visas (having validity exceeding six months) are normally not expected to stay in India more than six months during each visit. Please refer to the section further down for requirement to register with the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO)/Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India.

Registration with Foreigners Registration Office (FRO)/ Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO)

Persons of Indian origin holding multiple entry X-visas, visiting India to meet relatives or for social purposes, are required to register with the FRO/FRRO within 14 days of first arrival only if they intend to stay continuously for more than six months. This registration is required during the first visit after the visa is issued. Subsequent travels using the same visa do not require registration. Children below the age of 16 years are exempt from this requirement. All other visitors to India, including those of Indian origin, holding any other category of visa valid for more than six months should register with the FRO/FRRO within 14 days of arrival in India.