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Travel Advisory for Indian visitors to Ukraine

1 Tourist and business visas for Ukraine can be obtained in New Delhi at the following address:
Embassy of Ukraine,
E-1/8, Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi-110057.
Tel.No.26146041, 26146042
Fax No.26146043

2 You should fill a declaration if you are carrying more than the following limits:

For Current and updated Customs Rules and Regulation, please refer to the website of Ukraine's Ministry of foreign Affairs and Customs Regulations.

» More than $ 3,000 and Hr 1,000 in cash (need to declare only)

» Personal jewelry with value exceeding $240 (need to declare only, but most don't bother).

» More than 1 litre of alcoholic beverages (you'll be charged duties on the excess).

» More than 200 g of tobacco products (you'll be charged duties on the excess).

» Ukraine's currency not more than 1,000 Hry.

3 It is allowed to take out of Ukraine:

  • » Under condition of oral declaration to the customs.
  • » Foreign currency in cash and/or checks in the amount of up to USD 3,000 or equivalent in other foreign currency for residents.
  • » Up to USD 3,000 for non-resident.
  • » With mandatory indication in a customs declaration.

4 Cash according to the statements of an authorized bank:

  • » Foreign currency in cash taken from personal account in an authorized bank or bought in a currency exchange office.
  • » Money brought to Ukraine earlier (previous declaration is required).
  • » Foreign currency in traveler's checks bought through an authorized bank.

5 Please check the type of Visa issued to you before you depart on your journey. If the purpose differs from the letter of Invitation which formed the basis for issue of visas, there is every possibility of refusal of entry on arrival at the Airport. If possible, carry a copy of the letter of Invitation that you received from the person/company on the basis of which you had obtained your visa. The different types of visas obtainable by foreigners are available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

6 Please check on the number of entries that your visa provides for.

7 While exiting out of Ukraine, please check whether there is any endorsement on the departure stamp with respect to the visa in your passport.

8 There is no provision for issue of visas on arrival at the Airport for Indian nationals and invariably they are repatriated back to the airport of origin. Till then, they are detained at the Airport detention centre.

The Government of Ukraine has advised that the Border Service of Ukraine which controls the entry points, will exercise strict vigil on entry of foreigners into Ukraine.Those visitors who are unable to give convincing answers to queries will not be allowed entry into Ukraine even if they have valid visas.

Travel advisory for Indian students traveling to Ukraine for Education

(The Advisory is intended only to identify certain important documents that Indian students proposing to enroll in educational institutions in Ukraine should have in their possession, when traveling to Ukraine. It does not claim to be comprehensive or up-to-date. It is based on information provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, and the Embassy of India cannot take any responsibility for any inaccuracies contained therein. Students should invariably satisfy themselves about all requirements, including those pertaining to documents, by checking with the University in Ukraine which has granted the student admission, and with the Embassy of Ukraine in New Delhi before leaving India).

1. Ensure that the Invitation letter you have received from the University is, indeed, for the Course you had applied for, and the College you had sought admission to.

2. The Invitation letter should bear the sign and seal of the Ukrainian "Office of Registration of Visas" and Ministry of Education.

3. The student should carry with him/her the following documents bearing the seal and attestation of the Ukrainian Embassy in New Delhi and should keep them handy with him/her for inspection by the Immigration authorities at the Airport on arrival as these can be requested for at the Airport itself in addition to the visa in the passport. The Embassy of Ukraine normally requires Consularisation of documents by the Ministry of External Affairs of India (Patiala House) New Delhi before attesting the same.

a. A copy of the Certificate of the examination qualified by the student on the basis of which he/she is seeking admission in the next higher degree.

b. A document evidencing the absence of HIV infection i.e. an AIDS free certificate issued prior to arrival of the student in Ukraine

c. Medical certificate of the state of health, certified by an official health care authority of a country, where the student has come from, and issued atleast two months prior to the entrance into Ukraine for education

d. The Insurance policy for emergency medical care.

  • » A copy of the certificate of birth.
  • » 6 photographs having the size of 6 x 4 cm.
  • » The questionnaire that the student has received alongwith the application form should be completed.
  • » A medical certificate which indicates no medical contra-indications to live in climatic conditions of Ukraine and study according to the training requirements for the respective professions
  • » Students who are entering Post Graduate studies should carry, a comprehensive plan of a dissertation work for taking the scientific degree of a Doctor of Science and a copy of the Diploma/Degree awarding the scientific degree of a candidate of science.

1 All the documents that needs to be attested should be translated into Ukrainian language

2 Terms and conditions of education of all the students shall be determined by the agreements (contracts) signed by them prior to seeking admission. Accordingly, please read the terms very carefully before signing the document.

3 Students who do not speak the Ukrainian language shall be admitted to the preparatory faculties for foreigners of higher educational institution for one year pursuant to the results of the testing.

4 Students can be returned back to their country, if they do not show at the preparatory faculty skills and knowledge required for higher education.

5 Students should ensure before hand the hostel accommodation being provided to them and whether the facilities include Food etc.

6 Every student should be aware of the Coordinator who is facilitating his/her admission in the College and carry alongwith him his/her mobile telephone numbers for assistance/coordination on arrival at Ukraine.

7 Students arriving in Ukraine are subject to special scrutiny by the Border Services of Ukraine. The Border Services of Ukraine are on the watch for foreigners who enter Ukraine on a Student visa, but who could be seeking to enter a third country illegally.

The above advisory does not claim to be comprehensive, and Students are advised to ensure that they are fully conversant with all the requirements (different colleges have different requirements) before they finally depart from India for Ukraine.

The Embassy of India is not associated in anyway with the process of admission of Indian students to the various Universities in Ukraine, and accordingly, cannot be responsible for any claims of students arising out of the above advisory.

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